The nostalgic Greek Christmas Boat decoration

Photo By newsandtrash

Across the globe, decorating a Christmas tree is the symbol of holiday season. In Greece, a country with strong bonds with fishing and the sea generally, decorating ships at the ports has been a long standing tradition especially in the islands for centuries. 

The custom made its appearance along the coast, where seamen were coming back to their families for Christmas holidays after long periods away from home. Their kids would decorate these ships to welcome their dads back home. 

Photo By SunnyFotini

This tradition spread in mainland, but the “imported” Christmas tree has become a favorite in people’s hearts since its appearance in the last century.

Photo By rena-wwwrena

Handmade paper and/or wooden boats in small sizes with lights decorate most houses to revive the old tradition. Christmas Boats are still sold in Christmas shops everywhere in Greece.