Sikinos, the cycladic secret island

Sikinos is a small and quiet Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea. With charming views of the endless blue sea, a few little places to stay, beautiful tavernas and some historical places to visit, Sikinos is a great destination for those who seek holidays away from the crowds.
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There are plenty of beautiful beaches with pebbles or sand. Saint Panteleimonas beach is a small bay with a cave and crystal blue waters and is definitely worth a visit. You can go to the beach either by boat or on foot. 

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   The Temple of Episkopi is probably the most important monument on the island. It is about an hour walk from the Chora, the island’s capital. The Temple was built in the 3rd century A.D. as a Roman tomb monument. During the years it has converted into a monastery. The views from there are just spectacular.
Tip: Do not leave the island without tasting the delicious and with exquisite aroma local thyme honey.  
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Santorini island, the remains of an enormous volcanic eruption

Santorini island is a touristic island on the Aegean Sea. Apart from the cosmopolitan vacation one could have, it is also known for its active volcano and the volcanic caldera surrounded by steep cliffs. The area is a group of islands created by volcanoes that have been active several times in the past. 
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Scientists believe that the volcano will erupt in the future again but there are minor signs that the volcano could wake up in the near future. Tours to the volcano and the caldera are available from Thira Port. 

We recently came across this beautiful video about Santorini’s Volcano history. The narration is in Greek but the informative text on the video is in English.  Read more...

Hozoviotissa Monastery in Amorgos

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What a spectacular monastery! Hozoviotissa monastery is built on a cliff’s side on Amorgos, part of the Cyclades islands. The monastery accommodates a few monks and it is also open for visitors everyday. If you visit the island you definitely must climb up the 300 slippery stairs to get there. Make sure though that you are properly dressed. Men should were long trousers and women long skirts. Once you arrive at the top the views of the Aegean Sea will catch your breath.   
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Once visitors arrive in the beautiful monastery, monks greet them by serving refreshments, rakomelo and small traditional sweets called loukoumi. The little chapel is  the place to feel the religion vibes. The icons in there are a real treasure. 
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Before you start your journey up the stairs, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, a hat and have a bottle of fresh water with you.
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