Sailing the Ionian Greek islands

sailing the greek islands
 Sailing the Ionian Greek island This video about sailing was made by Ryan Clark as a birthday present to his granddad, the skipper of their sailing trip to the Ionian Greek islands (νησιά Ιονίου) of Kefallonia (Κεφαλονιά) and Ithaca (Ιθάκη).  Definitely one of the best videos we have seen about Greece, its pure beauty and its colours. The music is also perfect, as a cinematic effect. Once you start watching it you will get that nostalgic feeling when summer holidays are over. Winner of “Vimeo Staff Pick” December 2014
Winner of “VOTD Video of the Day” January 2015

IONIAN from Ryan Clarke on Vimeo.

Preveza town in pictures

agios charalambos
The picturesque town of Preveza (Πρέβεζα) is situated on the North cape of Amvrakikos Gulf. A visit to its town is not to be missed if you travel in the Northwestern part of Greece.  It is the capital of the region, known for its history,  natural beauty, cobbled stoned alleys and lively port, traditional tavernas and summer cultural events, and surely turquoise colored beaches that make you will feel you are in an island.   We collected some of our favourite pictures to show you the beauty of this idyllic town.  
The church of Agios Charalampos – Photo by  Preveza
 Balcony in Old Town – Photo by Preveza
 Yachts in Amvrakikos Gulf – Photo by Daluz Boutique Hotel 
Saitan Pazar – Photos by Πρεβεζα 
 Yachts – Photo by Πρεβεζα
View from Pantokratoras – Photo by Greece by a Greek
 View from Lucia Bar – Photo by Greece by a Greek
View from Vathy – Photo by Greece by a Greek 
The NBG historical building – Photo by Annalisa Lino
Nicopolis Beach Bar – Photo by Πρεβεζα
Alonaki Beach – Photo by TomistinEnimerosi
Kyani Akti Eucalyptus Trees – Photo by Alexandros Galanis
Cycling Path – Photo by Alexandros Galanis
Sunset in Monolithi Beach – Photo by Fotis Vemis
Mytikas – Photo by Georgia Ntousia
Pantokratoras – Photo by Vilelmini Katsi

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Visit Erimitis bar & restaurant in Paxos for an unforgettable sunset

Photo By lara-news
Erimitis in Paxos island is definitely one of the most captivating locations in Greece, a top-of-a-cliff bar and restaurant – high above the sea, where you can have a cocktail or a gourmet meal while watching the sun disappear into the blue Ioanian Sea next to the dramatic Erimitis cliffs.
Photo By arttravel
Natural stoned paths, white curtains hanging from the walls and stylish lights are the main decoration elements. The restaurant serves gourmet Greek-based dishes. There is also a bar next to the restaurant if you wish to have a drink or summer cocktail. Prices for the drinks and food are expensive compared to other places in the island but the view and good company surely compensate for them.  
Photo by tripadvisor
Being popular for its magical views, makes Erimitis Bar & Restaurant hard to get a table at if you want to dine there. Book in advance to make sure you want miss a table.  

Tip: If you find them in the menu, we recommend the octopus carpaccio with truflle oil, the Sea Bass, the “Chocolate Soup” dessert. 

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