Fidakia, a car-free traditional village with exceptional views

Photo By ergasiakadikaiomata Traditional architecture and green firs make the village of Fidakia in Evritania really beautiful. Its view at Kremaston Lake though makes this village extraordinary.  
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Covered in snow, this is an ideal winter resort with loads of guest houses and hotels to chose from. The best thing about this village is that use of cars is not allowed. So leave your car and start walking on the alleys, the square and admire the beautifully decorated courtyards. You will also find traditional cafes, tavernas with delicious homemade food and shops that sell local  meat products such as sausages and prosciutto.

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Tip: The locals are very welcome. Once you start a conversation with them at the tavernas, the main square or a cafe, you will get to know more things about this place than you have ever imagined. Find accommodation near Fidakia with Booking.Com Read more...

A unique natural lagoon on Thassos island, Giola

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An amazing natural pool carved in rocks, Giola on Thassos island is the perfect place to go if you are a little bit adventurous and attracted by earth’s breathtaking scenes.   
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In order to get there you must drive through a dirty road for about 4km. You must have a high 4 engine vehicle to take the drive. Then you walk straight on the stones to get to the lagoon. Be sure you wear appropriate shoes for the walk and it would be good to wear special water shoes if you plan to dive and swim. 
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Once you reach the cliffs the view is just spectacular. The blue water and the rocks create a great contrast that you must see for yourself.

Tip: Go as early as you can during summer peak season as it gets crowded. There is no sand, so lay your towel on the stones.  

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Doxa Lake, a quick escape from the busy Athens centre

Photo by Veronika Niagkou
Doxa lake, is an artificial lake very close to Ancient Feneos Village. The water is very calm and as you walk around the lake you adore the magnificent landscape reflected in it.  
  In the middle of the lake you will see a small peninsula with a tiny church built on it which is accessible by a narrow strip of land.
Photo by Veronica Niagkou
According to the lake helds each summer the Sprint Distance Triathlon: 

Lake Doxa, in the middle of a marvelous pine forest at 900m altitude, will held another Sprint Distance Triathlon, in its crystal waters and asphalt roads in its perimeter.
750m of Swimming21km of Biking and 4.2km of running, with the view of mount Ziria and mount Helmos tops. An exprerience that everybody should live, from begginers to experienced triathletes, in individual and team categories, only 2 hours away for Athens! – The Location

The start of the race will be at 11 in the morning, on Sunday, 15th of July and the road wll be closed for vehicles. The race includes 750m of swimming in a triangle route in the lake, 5 laps of the lake perimeter by bicycle and 1 lap running in the opposite direction of biking. Read more...

Stefaniada, a secret, tiny and pretty lake

This is a natural lake that was created after severe andslides which  took place throughut the area in 1963. 

Reaching this beautiful natural small lake is not easy. But when you get there you will definitely feel the vibes of the green quiet area. It is a 70Km drive from Karditsa town. The whole journey is an exceptional one as you travel through traditional Greek villages to get to the Stefaniada Lake.
Other places around the lake that worth a visit is the village of Stefaniada set between the mountains of Agrafa and the Spilia Monastery which offers an amazing view of the surrounding area. The Monastery is about 2Km distance from the lake.
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