Amazing Full Moon Photos

full moon chania


The last full moon of 2015 will fall on Christmas day. And actually is the first in nearly 40 years. We just hope the sky will be clear enough to see it. Read more...

Seatrac – a documentary about people with wheelchairs

seatrack patra


Photo By theartfoundation
Seatrac documentary is a breathtaking, 3 minute film made by Nikos Logothetis, Ignatios Fotiou and Gerasimos Fessian. Gerasimos was unable to swim after an accident. But he decided to do something for every disabled person. The innovative, award-winning SEATRAC has already been installed on more than 20 beaches in Greece and Cyprus. It should be noted that SEATRAC is autonomous as it is powered by solar panels, while it is not a permanent installation: it can be placed on the beach in early summer and removed in the fall. This offers an important service to people with disabilities, without any burden on the environment. (text source Watch the video :

Suvlaki, Classic Greek grill in the heart of Soho, London.

Photo By Suvlaki

They are a small group of old friends from Athens who share an obsession with good food. Food that is fresh, healthy, and responsibly sourced. Oh, and insanely tasty!They also think Greek ‘suvlaki’ – which means ’little skewer’ or simply ’stick’ and is synonymous with street food in Greece, is the tastiest and healthiest way to eat on the go.

Which is why they decided to come together and bring this little wonder of Athens’ past to the heart of Soho. Read more...

Sailing the Ionian Greek islands

sailing the greek islands
 Sailing the Ionian Greek island This video about sailing was made by Ryan Clark as a birthday present to his granddad, the skipper of their sailing trip to the Ionian Greek islands (νησιά Ιονίου) of Kefallonia (Κεφαλονιά) and Ithaca (Ιθάκη).  Definitely one of the best videos we have seen about Greece, its pure beauty and its colours. The music is also perfect, as a cinematic effect. Once you start watching it you will get that nostalgic feeling when summer holidays are over. Winner of “Vimeo Staff Pick” December 2014
Winner of “VOTD Video of the Day” January 2015

IONIAN from Ryan Clarke on Vimeo.