Keep Shelly in Athens

Photo By SeaGate
Keep Shelly in Athens. We discovered “Keep Shelly in Athens” about one year ago, at the Zero Festival. Zero Festival takes place every summer next to magical Ziros Lake with sports activities, live bands and other shows. They started playing music just after the sunset. Their music and the colors of the sky created an atmosphere that we are never going to forget.  Their style is chillwave, downtempo and this track is our favourite one. We wish you a lazy Saturday noon. 

Preveza town in pictures

agios charalambos
The picturesque town of Preveza (Πρέβεζα) is situated on the North cape of Amvrakikos Gulf. A visit to its town is not to be missed if you travel in the Northwestern part of Greece.  It is the capital of the region, known for its history,  natural beauty, cobbled stoned alleys and lively port, traditional tavernas and summer cultural events, and surely turquoise colored beaches that make you will feel you are in an island.   We collected some of our favourite pictures to show you the beauty of this idyllic town.  
The church of Agios Charalampos – Photo by  Preveza
 Balcony in Old Town – Photo by Preveza
 Yachts in Amvrakikos Gulf – Photo by Daluz Boutique Hotel 
Saitan Pazar – Photos by Πρεβεζα 
 Yachts – Photo by Πρεβεζα
View from Pantokratoras – Photo by Greece by a Greek
 View from Lucia Bar – Photo by Greece by a Greek
View from Vathy – Photo by Greece by a Greek 
The NBG historical building – Photo by Annalisa Lino
Nicopolis Beach Bar – Photo by Πρεβεζα
Alonaki Beach – Photo by TomistinEnimerosi
Kyani Akti Eucalyptus Trees – Photo by Alexandros Galanis
Cycling Path – Photo by Alexandros Galanis
Sunset in Monolithi Beach – Photo by Fotis Vemis
Mytikas – Photo by Georgia Ntousia
Pantokratoras – Photo by Vilelmini Katsi

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Films shot in Greece

Beautiful scenery, culture, colours, music and traditions. The main ingredients that made these films popular. Films shot in Greece made the country even more popular for travelers. Here is a list of our favourite ones. 1. Alexis Zorbas – 1964 – Crete 
Photo By Virtual History
  2. Never on Sunday – 1960 – Piraeus  
Photo By lifo
3. James Bond 007, For your eyes only – 1981 – Corfu
Photo By reddit
4. Le grand bleu – 1988 – Amorgos 
Photo By tovima
   5. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – 2001 – Kefallonia
Photo By prezi
     6. Mamma Mia – 2008 – Skopelos and Skiathos
Photo By Nick Karvounis
7. Before Midnight – 2013 – Southern Peloponnese incl. Mani and Kardamili
Photo By wanderinggeekette
Update 22/09/2015 Thank you very much for your messages and comments under the original post and FB post. We added below the list of your favorite films shot in Greece 1. Shirley Valentine – 1989 – St. Ioannis in Myconos (reader Beachy35)
2. Mediterraneo – 1991 – Kastellorizo (reader Raffa)

3. Boy on Dolphin – 1957 – Hydra (reader maria z – dirtychicdiary)


Casa Brutale in photos

casa brutale 1

Casa Brutale is a geometrical translation of the landscape. It is an unclad statement on the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture. It is a chameleonic living space, created to serve its owner and respect the environment. It is the inverted reference to Casa Malaparte, encased and protected by the tender earth that has hosted the human civilization for millennia. It is a complete study of aesthetics, structure, function and engineering, which thoroughly detailed, awaits solely its realisation.


Casa Brutale is OPA’s challenging vision of innovative architecture, where innovation refers to long forgotten terms such as ambience and materiality. Its subtle form allows for the magnificent view and the game of light and shadow to take center stage. The residence is constructed with simple materials: wood, glass and concrete, the convergence of the surrounding earth and water. The landscape is integral to the underlying concept, since elements penetrate and prevail over the construction. The roof of Casa Brutale, a glazed bottom swimming pool, is a continuation of the poetic Aegean Sea and in perfect communication with the vast blue of the Greek sky. Read more...