Panoramic views at the Ionian Sea from Skopiotissa Church in Zante

Photo By gozakynthos

The road up to Skopos hill and its Skopiotissa church in the Ionian island of  Zante (Zakynthos) is not an easy one. But once you get at the top you will appreciate that it was worth the effort. The views from there are astonishing. 
Photo By Natassa Klavdianou

The church was built in 1624. It is the oldest on the island and the only one with a white stone dome. When the sunlight hits the dome its white colour magnetically turns into warm gold.
Photo By Natassa Klavdianou

The church is surrounded by the ruins of an older monastery set at that location in the past. Walk inside and admire the art of some very old Greek orthodox icons. The icon of Virgin Mary was brought to the monastery from Istanbul. 
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Photo By Natassa Klavdianou

Tip: Walk on the east side of the church and climb up even further at the top of the rocky hill. Wait for the sunset to admire the impressive colours it brings on the skyline. 

If you seek unique natural beauty, Aoos river is your destination

Photo Credit: dkilim via Compfight cc

Located near KonitsaAoos river is a must-visit place in a beautiful area rich in trees, flowers and birds. If you walk the paths along the river you will be amazed by the stunning nature’s colours. 
Photo Credit: dkilim via Compfight cc
Hiking is the visitors’ favorite sport, but you can also do water sports such as rafting and canoe kayaking. There is a 7 hour hiking path to Zagorohoria for the  adventurous. If you are not used in walking that long, a beautiful route by the river -starting from Konitsa‘ s bridge and ending at the Monastery of Stomio- is only 1.5 hours long. It accommodates just one monk who would be delighted to start a conversation with visitors as he is alone most of the time.  Read more...

Hozoviotissa Monastery in Amorgos

Photo Credit: Amphithoe via Compfight cc
What a spectacular monastery! Hozoviotissa monastery is built on a cliff’s side on Amorgos, part of the Cyclades islands. The monastery accommodates a few monks and it is also open for visitors everyday. If you visit the island you definitely must climb up the 300 slippery stairs to get there. Make sure though that you are properly dressed. Men should were long trousers and women long skirts. Once you arrive at the top the views of the Aegean Sea will catch your breath.   
Photo Credit: Amphithoe via Compfight cc
Once visitors arrive in the beautiful monastery, monks greet them by serving refreshments, rakomelo and small traditional sweets called loukoumi. The little chapel is  the place to feel the religion vibes. The icons in there are a real treasure. 
Photo Credit: capitan catarro via Compfight cc


Before you start your journey up the stairs, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, a hat and have a bottle of fresh water with you.
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Stefaniada, a secret, tiny and pretty lake

This is a natural lake that was created after severe andslides which  took place throughut the area in 1963. 

Reaching this beautiful natural small lake is not easy. But when you get there you will definitely feel the vibes of the green quiet area. It is a 70Km drive from Karditsa town. The whole journey is an exceptional one as you travel through traditional Greek villages to get to the Stefaniada Lake.
Other places around the lake that worth a visit is the village of Stefaniada set between the mountains of Agrafa and the Spilia Monastery which offers an amazing view of the surrounding area. The Monastery is about 2Km distance from the lake.
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The mystical and mythical Monastery of Great Meteoro

The complex of Meteora
Meteora is a huge complex of high vertical rocks. But apart from the geological beauty, what makes it unique is the prominent presence of the Orthodox Church on top of them. There are some 24 monasteries, built in the 14th century, but only six are open. The rest were abandoned. They were built by monks. And it took them years to carry the construction material to the top of the rocks.
Photo by cooksailing
 The holy Monastery of Great Meteoro is the largest of the monasteries built on top of the highest rock, about 550m above ground. Its tower now operates as Folklore Museum. Tip: There is a dress code policy for women entering the monastery. Long skirts are available to wear on top of your clothes at the entrance.
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