The traditional architecture, beauty and colours of Xanthi’ s Old Town

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The Old Town of Xanthi, is one of the best preserved traditional architecture in Greece. It is an old traditional village hidden in the modern city of Xanthi and it was built in 1829 after a catastrophic earthquake that took place in the area. Traditional and glorious houses stand on each side of its narrow lanes. The power of its colors, aromas and architecture virtually travel you back in time.   
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  Once you start strolling on the alleys you will be astonished by the perfectly crafted buildings and the paved streets. You will get the feeling that you walk in endlessly beautiful labyrinth.   
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Apart from the traditional and neoclassic residences with their well sculptured doors, the Old Town consists of beautiful squares to rest, shops, hotels, guest houses, cafes and restaurants. Tip: Xanthi is also popular for its traditional sweets and the old tobacco storehouses.   Find accommodation in Xanthi with Booking.Com      

Soufli. Europe’s only Silk Town

Soufli, a town at the Northeast end of Greece has been producing high quality silk since the Byzantine years. It is very interesting to know that it is the only place in Greece but also in Europe where they breed  the silkworms and process the yarn from the cocoons.   
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  The Silk Museum and the Art of Silk Museum definitely worth a visit. Apart from the fact that you will see live silkworms you will also find out everything you want to know about silk. 
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Tip: If you like wearing silk, this is ideal place to find quality silk items in affordable prices Find accommodation in Soufli with Booking.Com  
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