Horse-riding in Pelion

Keep this farm that on your list, if you are a horse-riding and nature lover for your next visit in Pelion, after the Covid-19 lock-down comes to an end. You are going to be amazed.

If you or your children are keen on exploring new activities while travelling, then this well-managed horse farm in Milies, Pelion, will keep your spirit high in the sky. Read more...

Pelion photos part 1


We are happy to present our reader’s, Vassilis Karamaounas, great photographs of Pelion (Πήλιο).

Pelion is a lush and green mountain that stretches into the sea. Ideal for winter and summer holidays. Traditional architecture is one of its main characteristics. 

Real Greece.  Real Greek Land. Real Greek Nature. Real Food.

Vassilis really knows how to work with light, symmetry, shadows, foreground and background, thus creating some stunning pictures. Thank you Vassilis!







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Makrinitsa, the Balcony of Pelion

Photo By pelionet

Makrinitsa village is also known as Pelion‘s Balcony due to its location. This mountainous village’s characteristics are the epitomy of Pelion style architecture: the beautiful cobbled stoned mystical paths, the traditional churches and bridges that send you back in time. 

Photo by pelionweb

Locals successfully managed to preserved its beauty and charm through the years and you are really going to be amazed by the architecture of the stoned built mansions and houses, that look like a piece of art hanging on the mountain.

Photo By neakalamantata

One of the village’s most popular places is the main square. The panoramic views towards the Pagasitic Gulf are just impressive day or night. It is the ideal place to treat yourself with a nice meal or coffee. 

Tip: The guesthouses in the village have kept the traditional architecture inside out. Most of them have rooms with fireplaces, and offer breakfast made of local products to make your stay unforgettable. 

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Photo By 4ty

The Oldest Traditional Greek Cafe, in Pelio

Traditional Greek cafes, mainly found in the small villages of Greece’ s mainland, are a meeting place for local people. You rarely see women in these cafes though, unless they are visitors. 
Men meet up, drink their coffees or ouzo and tsipouro, eat mezes, play cards games, talk and argue about politics and football while smoking and laughing.

Photo by perierga

In the village of Lafkos, in Pelio there is the oldest traditional Greek cafe in Greece, Forlida’s Cafe. It was established in 1785. On the woodstove placed in the middle of the room,  chestnuts are roasted during the cold winter months for the locals and the visitors.

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