Tzoumerka – the unknown beauty of the Greek land

Tzoumerka is a mountain range in Northwestern Greece, Epirus. Nature is very wild and the whole area is unspoiled by modern civilization. People visit Tzoumerka for its natural beauty, gorges, rocks, rivers and lakes. It mainly attracts nature lovers and those who adore outdoor activities. On the slopes of Tzoumerka stand its villages. This is where tradition meets history and life away from the stressful cities. Tzoumerka mountain range has entered the European network Natura 2000. Last December we visited Tzoumerka and below are the highlights of our trip. Read more...

Best cafes in Athens

cafe by the beach
Photo By kupinapopusk
Drinking coffee is a main part of Greek culture. Older people drink their Greek coffee in traditional cafes, named “kafenio” in cities and villages. Younger people choose modern cafes to drink cappuccinos, frappes and espressos, either warm in winter or cold in summer. Here is a list of the best cafe in Athens to have a coffee or a snack. Most of them offer breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Check their websites by clicking on their names for details. 1. Pure Bliss – Fresh, organic food and drinks  
Photo By Pure Bliss
  2. Shinovatis – French vintage at its greatest, for coffee and cocktails
Photo By Shinovatis
3. Cafe Taf – Very serious about the quality of coffee – Great service
Photo By Cafe Taf
4. Yard cafe right below the Acropolis – a contemporary nice place to rest  
Photo By Yard Cafe
  5. Regal Cafe Bar – A great chill-out place for coffee, food and drinks   
Photo By Regal Cafe Bar

Pelion photos part 1

We are happy to present our reader’s, Vassilis Karamaounas, great photographs of Pelion (Πήλιο). Pelion is a lush and green mountain that stretches into the sea. Ideal for winter and summer holidays. Traditional architecture is one of its main characteristics. 
Real Greece.  Real Greek Land. Real Greek Nature. Real Food.
Vassilis really knows how to work with light, symmetry, shadows, foreground and background, thus creating some stunning pictures. Thank you Vassilis!             Find accommodation in Pelion with Booking.Com

The ancient olive tree in Crete

olive tree vouvon
Photo By OliveMuseumVouves
The impressive olive tree (ελιά) of Vouves is located in Ano Vouves, a village near Chania, Crete. Its age is estimated over 3,000 years old and is the oldest one in Greece and probably one of the oldest trees in the world. 
Photo By oleajuice

This ancient olive tree has huge roots and it is 12.5 meters in perimeter and 4,5 meters in diameter. Near the tree is located the Olive Tree Museum of Vouves with free entrance. A great place to spend sometime and explore the Cretan culture through the beautiful displays. 

Photo By Olive Tree Museum of Vouves
Photo By Tripadvisor

In the museum you can also see the Old Olive Oil Factory. If you travel in Crete we highly recommend visiting this peaceful spot. Read more...

5 impressive lighthouses | Greece

koprena lighthouse
According to, the Lighthouse network of Greece has got 120 traditional lighthouses today, which are approximately two centuries old. Only 20 of them are in a very good condition, where as 30 are in medium condition, and the marks of wear and tear are visible to the naked eye in the other structures. He selected 5 of the most impressive lighthouses in Greece. 1. The Koprena Lighthouse, established in 1893, 9 meters in height, two red or white flashed every 16 seconds.  
Photo By
  2. The Saint Theodoree in Argostoli, Kefalonia : built in 1828, it is a circular structure with 20 columns. Its tower is 8 meters tall.  
Photo By galaxyht
3. The Lighthouse in Antirio: manufactured in 1880, the altitude of the tower is 9 meters and the height of focal plane is 15 meters. 
Photo By
4. The Lighthouse in Nafpaktos: build in 1909, the altitude of the tower is 8 meters and the height of focal plane is 16 meters.   
Photo By
  5. The Lighthouse in Chania: Chania’s trademark, was constructed between the years of 1320 and 1356, 21 meters tall.  
Photo By tsoumpasphotogallery