Nostalgic Greek summer in black and white photos

Some of these photos are from the the Photographic Archive of the Benaki Museum:The Photographic Archive of Benaki Museum was founded in 1973.  The collection of the Photographic Archive constitutes of negatives and photographs of the 19th and 20th century. To find out more you can visit the website of Benaki Museum. I could not find any information of the rest as I got them through an image search on Google .


20 breathtaking pictures that prove how amazing Zakynthos is

Zakynthos or Zante is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea and a popular summer resort. In this beautiful island lives one of my favourite artists Natassa Klavdianou. Natassa is a local with a true head for art complete with pebbles, wood and other materials nature offers to her inspiration. All beauties she makes with her hands are presented in her gallery in Zakynthos named Sea and Fantasy. She is also a photographer of really aesthetic quality pictures. In this post I am delighted to present some of her astonishing photos. 

for more information about her handmade artwork  follow her on Instagram or Facebook Read more... in Paros and Thassos Greek islands

We love visiting art galleries. We enjoy taking our time with the pieces that speak to us and we like to ensure that we have a vibrant experience overall apart from just buying the art piece we love.  We recently discovered in Potos in Thassos island and we are delighted to announce their new opening in the popular Cycladic island of Paros In Paroikia. are open during the summer season (May /October) and present well known and new promising Greek artists, graduates of Fine Art Academy. In the galleries you will be able to meet all forms of art : Painting, Sculpture, Ceramic, Constructions, Photography and Jewellery. always communicates art either from Athens (+306974892936) or through social media and by taking part in International Art Fairs. Each work is unique and is always accompanied by Certificate Of Authenticity. The shipping costs are free of charge for the customer . . . Υou can follow on Social Media Read more...