Best beach bars in Greece

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Summer has returned. People have already started hitting the beaches. They are looking for the best beach bars to spend a relaxing day, to have chilled drinks and delicious cocktails. This article presents just few of the best beach bars in Greece. The list is endless though… 1. Pasir…on the waves – All Day Beach Bar in Chalkidiki .   2. Mango Beach Bar in Preveza 3. Copla Beach Bar in Lefkas island 4. Theros Wave Bar in Santorini

5. Mylos Beach Bar in Kos  

Acherontas river and its springs, a paradise on earth.

Photo By tampouloukia

In Preveza perfecture, at Northwest Greece, is the hidden gem of Acherontas river. This place of outstanding natural beauty attracts people from all around the world.
Photo By tampouloukia
Once your arrive, you follow the path in the forest that leads to the springs of the river. Stop and admire the water that springs out of the ground. As you walk further down, the paths become wet so make sure you wear appropriate shoes. Then you reach a point where you must get into the river and walk against its current. A lot of people can not stand the feeling of the freezing water and they stop there. Standing is unbearable but you get used to cold once you start walking. The braver ones swim in the summer. You will definitely feel blessed, being on this paradise on earth, watching the water that runs through the rocks, behind the trees and the ground. 
Photo By patrastimes
Kayaking and rafting activities take place in the area for those who like water sports. Apart from the long routes for those who are experienced in kayaking and rafting, there are water sports companies that organize kayaking and rafting on a short and enjoyable route for beginners. Also horse riding in the river is very popular in the summer. Trained horses are available to give you one of the best riding experiences of your life.  
Tip: Trekking Hellas organize outdoor activities and guide you through the natural wonders of the area. 

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Rocks in the Ionian Sea

Photo by romiazirou
This is the natural beauty of a beach called Artolithia (meaning rocks shaped as loaves of bread). One of the quietest beaches in Greece. 
The upright rocks create a breathtaking view. Waters are crystal clear.
When you get there, after your reach the village named Riza, just 20Km from Preveza, a town in the Northwest part of Greece, you start walking on the left hand side of the beach. The further you walk, the quieter and more private it gets. 
Photo by wondergreece
Just you, your partner or friends, the sounds of the sea and some little fish swimming with you.
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