Naxos | Our favorite parts of it

horse riding in naxos
Naxos (Νάξος) is the largest Cycladic island, green and very mountainous. It has been one of our favorites places to visit for the last 10 years. In this post we collected three of our pictures that reminds us some great moments we spent on the island some years ago.     1. Horse riding. Beautiful rides on the beach. Great sunset views. If you like adventures do not miss it!
Photo By Greece by a Greek 


2. Shark rock in Agia Anna. We would never forget the feeling when we were walking and came across this rock. At least this one is harmless.  Later we found out that this is a touristic attraction.
Photo By Greece by a Greek 


It’s Greek to me by Andrea Granahan (author)

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Laundry day in Vourvoura By Andrea Granahan
Andrea Granahan’ s book, It’s Greek to me, is a book just published about a young American family living in rural Greece, in the late 1960′ s. Author’s purpose in writing the book is that she wants modern and ex-pat Greeks to get a glimpse of the profound beauty and meaning of their own roots.  
Book Cover By Andrea Granahan

In 1967 a young American sculptor and his family booked passage on a freight ship and moved to Greece, long before there was a European Union or Euros and the drachma was still the currency. This is the story of the family’s pivotal years first in the mountain villages of the Peloponnesus and then on the island of Paros in the Cyclades. The rural Greeks embraced the family and the family embraced the Greeks’ simple way of life, with hilarious and harrowing moments along the way.  Life was so basic everyone knew how many jars they owned because each one had its use, and your food was local because there was only one boat delivery a week. The Greeks knew how to work hard and celebrate wholeheartedly. Not a wealthy super-country, Greece was rich not just in history but in daily enjoyment of life.

 Here are links to purchase the book:
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Preveza town in pictures

agios charalambos
The picturesque town of Preveza (Πρέβεζα) is situated on the North cape of Amvrakikos Gulf. A visit to its town is not to be missed if you travel in the Northwestern part of Greece.  It is the capital of the region, known for its history,  natural beauty, cobbled stoned alleys and lively port, traditional tavernas and summer cultural events, and surely turquoise colored beaches that make you will feel you are in an island.   We collected some of our favourite pictures to show you the beauty of this idyllic town.  
The church of Agios Charalampos – Photo by  Preveza
 Balcony in Old Town – Photo by Preveza
 Yachts in Amvrakikos Gulf – Photo by Daluz Boutique Hotel 
Saitan Pazar – Photos by Πρεβεζα 
 Yachts – Photo by Πρεβεζα
View from Pantokratoras – Photo by Greece by a Greek
 View from Lucia Bar – Photo by Greece by a Greek
View from Vathy – Photo by Greece by a Greek 
The NBG historical building – Photo by Annalisa Lino
Nicopolis Beach Bar – Photo by Πρεβεζα
Alonaki Beach – Photo by TomistinEnimerosi
Kyani Akti Eucalyptus Trees – Photo by Alexandros Galanis
Cycling Path – Photo by Alexandros Galanis
Sunset in Monolithi Beach – Photo by Fotis Vemis
Mytikas – Photo by Georgia Ntousia
Pantokratoras – Photo by Vilelmini Katsi

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Films shot in Greece

Beautiful scenery, culture, colours, music and traditions. The main ingredients that made these films popular. Films shot in Greece made the country even more popular for travelers. Here is a list of our favourite ones. 1. Alexis Zorbas – 1964 – Crete 
Photo By Virtual History
  2. Never on Sunday – 1960 – Piraeus  
Photo By lifo
3. James Bond 007, For your eyes only – 1981 – Corfu
Photo By reddit
4. Le grand bleu – 1988 – Amorgos 
Photo By tovima
   5. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – 2001 – Kefallonia
Photo By prezi
     6. Mamma Mia – 2008 – Skopelos and Skiathos
Photo By Nick Karvounis
7. Before Midnight – 2013 – Southern Peloponnese incl. Mani and Kardamili
Photo By wanderinggeekette
Update 22/09/2015 Thank you very much for your messages and comments under the original post and FB post. We added below the list of your favorite films shot in Greece 1. Shirley Valentine – 1989 – St. Ioannis in Myconos (reader Beachy35)
2. Mediterraneo – 1991 – Kastellorizo (reader Raffa)

3. Boy on Dolphin – 1957 – Hydra (reader maria z – dirtychicdiary)